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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Quality, Experience and a Highly Personalised


Chinese herbs have been used to treat many different medical and

well-being conditions for over 1,500 years. Dapeng Zhang’s studies

and early experience were gained in China from those sufficiently

long-established and highly experienced as leaders in their fields

to have acquired ‘guru’ status. Since then, Dapeng Zhang has

practised and taught herbal medicine for over 20 years, whilst undertaking his own extensive research into the applications and efficacy of Chinese medicine.


At Humanize Clinic we use a combination of over 300 different kinds of herbs derived from the organic natural leaves, flowers, roots, stem and seeds of plants to make up highly personalised prescriptions for each patient. Every herb is known to have its own individual healing properties, which can vary when combined with other herbs.


We use only the highest quality herbs at Humanize Clinic, dispensed under strict supervision and regulation in the UK and produced by one of the most famous and trustworthy herbal manufacturers. Prescriptions of Herbal formula are usually made up and given to patients in the form of dried concentrated powders in capsules, making them both portable and easy to take. 

As with all medicines, the time by which benefit can begin to be felt varies depending on all the relevant factors pertaining to the individual and the illness or condition. Therefore we recommend combining herbal medicine with acupuncture or other treatments to expedite the body’s healing processes.

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